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Reconsidering Place in Fiction 2020-104

Course #2020-104
Saturday May 2 1:00 pm–5:00 pm & Sunday, May 3, 1 - 5 pm
Cost: $180 Instructor: Hunter Gilson
This workshop has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Inprint House
1520 W Main St
Houston, TX 77006 United States
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Location, Location, Location!

At some point in our primary education, many of us learn about the three primary forms of conflict in fiction—character v. character, character v. themselves, and character v. environment. Of the three, character versus environment is the most seldom seen in contemporary fiction, which typically privileges internal and inter-personal struggles. These two forces—the internal and the inter-personal—often animate the plot of a narrative and serve as the cornerstone of character development.

Certainly, plot and character direct readers towards the intentions and considerations of any story, but a focus on those elements ignores a crucial aspect of any narrative: its location. Whether we like it or not, we are all products of the places we inhabit and the people that populate those locations—i.e., setting impacts us as much as we impact it.

This workshop will attempt to address two questions related to setting in fiction: First, how can a writer create a believable location, particularly when they are constructing an unfamiliar one? This is ultimately a question about world building. For those writing something fantastical or historical, this issue is particularly pressing as the narrative must establish the “rules” of its world. Second, how can setting be activated in a way that either pushes a character into unfamiliar territory or reveals something about why a character acts in a particular manner?

About the instructor

HUNTER GILSON is a second-year MFA candidate in fiction at the University of Houston. Prior to his MFA, he spent eight years attending and then teaching at Kansas State University. While there, he served as an instructor at Kansas State’s Young Writers’ Workshop during its inaugural season. Since moving to Houston, he has worked as a writer-in-residence for Writers in the Schools and served as an assistant fiction editor for the literary magazine Gulf Coast. He misses the howling winters of the plains. 

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