All of us at Inprint are incredibly sad about the passing of two of our beloved founders in recent weeks, Glenn Cambor and Karl Kilian. The Houston literary community is what it is today thanks in large part to their years of tireless work and dedication. As owner of Brazos Bookstore, Karl brought the world to Houston (New York didn’t seem so far away at Brazos) and inspired others to do the same. Karl valued excellence in all things, and shared his enthusiasms freely and energetically, both through the store and in person. Karl stayed active in Inprint from 1983, when he, Glenn Cambor, and Gay Block signed the articles of incorporation, up until last year – an unmatched record of service to young writers and to Houston’s literary and cultural life. Karl loved books and art and the people who made them – and he expressed and shared that love through a wonderful bookstore, which we are fortunate to still have with us today. We will miss Glenn and Karl and send love and condolences to their families. To read Glenn’s obituary, click here. To learn more about Karl’s life and legacy, read more here.

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