Inprint Annual Fund

The easiest way to help is to contribute to Inprint’s Annual Fund. Donations are tax-deductible and provide critical operating support. Donations can also be made in honor or in memory of an individual or event. In appreciation of your support, we offer the following gifts at the different giving levels. Thank you!

All the featured books by the 2023/2024 Inprint Margarett Root Brown Reading Series featured authors (signed or with signed bookplates, when possible) PLUS ALL BENEFITS BELOW

Invitation for two to a reception at a private home with Zadie Smith in advance of her reading on November 13, 2023 PLUS ALL BENEFITS BELOW

A personalized poem written by an Inprint Poetry Busker on the theme of your choice (in English or Spanish) PLUS ALL BENEFITS BELOW

A signed copy of a new book by a former Inprint fellow PLUS ALL BENEFITS BELOW

Invitation for two to an Inprint happy hour, PLUS ALL BENEFITS BELOW

Recognition on 2023/2024 Inprint Brown Reading Series event programs

Special thanks to the supporters of the 2023-2024 Inprint Annual Fund

This list includes gifts received through September 22, 2023.

Karen and Mike Brisch
Bettie Cartwright
Consuelo Duroc-Danner
Lori Gallagher and Curtis Huff
Debbie Gary
Holly and Breen Haire
Nicole and Evan H. Katz
The Sklar Family
Mark Wawro and Melanie Gray

Candace Baggett and Ron Restrepo
Katharine Barthelme and Shane Frank
Luba and Alan Bigman
Suzann and Travis Broesche
Sarah and Will Choi
Gwendolyn Dawson and Ba Nguyen
Gulchin A. Ergun and Matthew A. McBride
Kristina and Jeff Fort
William Hsieh
Chinhui Juhn and Eddie Allen
Sabria and Kevin Lewis
Nancy McGregor and Neal Manne, in honor of Mary S Dawson
Carolyn Roch
Brittany Sakowitz and Kevin Kushners
Katie Sammons and Terry Lohrenz
Lois and George Stark/Gailo Trust, in honor of Chinhui Juhn and Laura Calaway
Doreen Stoller and Dan Piette

Robin Angly and Miles Smith
Susan Baird and Leah Lax
Karen and Charlie Baughn
Heather Brown
Chris Bryan and Trey Peacock, in honor of Mary S Dawson
Laura Calaway
Grace and Jason Chan, in memory of Sophia Chi
Nicole Clark
Rebecca Cornwell and Claire Langston
Miquel Correll
Liz and Steve Crowell
Mary S and Jack Dawson
Mark Deaton and Brad Telford
Susie and Joe Dilg
Jenny Elkins, in honor of Mary S Dawson
Brooke and Dan Feather
Eleanor and Dan Gilbane
Marc Grossberg
Matt Henneman
Cheryl and Will Jordan
Sissy and Denny Kempner
The Larsen Family
Caroline Kerr and Andy Lusk
Pat Lasher and Richard Jacobs
Franci Neely
Sonal Shah
Alicia and Matthew Summers, in honor of Mary S Dawson
Shelly White and Larry Land, in honor of Ann Weisgarber

Alyne Assunto, in honor of Torie Ludwin
Mary and Marcel Barone
Ellen and Michael Brottman
Paige Cawthon
Nicole Clark
Katy Emde
Rick Evans and Katie Padden
Bari and David Fishel
Cece and Mack Fowler, in memory of C. Glenn Cambor and Karl Kilian
Rachel and Bud Frazier
Nancy Glass and John Belmont, in honor of Kathie Dunbar
Nene Foxhall and Steve Jetton
Victoria and Michael Hohertz
Madeleine Callery Hussey, in memory of Marion Barthelme
Meredith and Cary Kottler, in honor of Mary S Dawson
Isabelle and Eric Mayer
Sallie Morian and Michael Clark
Una and Eamonn Quigley
Gay and Ron Tigner
Michelle and Rishi Varma

Susan Altschuler
Melanie and Matt Bell
Kathryn Boehme Bielinski and Peter Bielinski
Ingrid O. Bond
Carolyn Russell Brock and Glen Brock
Julie Cohn and John Connor, in memory of Michael Grant
Carolyn Dahl and Thomas Perry
Nancy Dunlap
Nancy Laufe Eisenberg
Robbi Jones
Coble and Jeff Jorgensen
Sheryl Kolasinski
Caroline Leech and Jemma Leech
Carolyn Loos
Rose Ann Medlin and Bill Joor
Patti Melcher
Fairfax and Risher Randall, in memory of Margarett Root Brown
Shirley Rose
Docia and John Rudley
Frank Rynd
Varsha Saraiya-Shah
Sarah Beth and Paul Seifert
Mimi Swartz and John Wilburn
Nancy Thompson
Emily Leland Todd, in honor of Rich Levy
Marcia West and Ron Lewis
Aline and Collie Wilson

Sherry Adams and Walter Johns
Robert Argentino
Leta and David Barry
Robin and Dick Brooks
Carrie Cameron
Lucia Charry
Sharon D’Orsie
Diana Garza and Peter McLaughlin
Hilda Gentry
James Howard Gibbons
Nonya and Jonathan Grenader
Jennifer Grosvenor
Susan and Robert Hawkins
Janis Hopson
Rae Longest
Helen and Bill Monroe
Sally and Charles Roberts, in memory of Susan Hilary Roberts
The Sanford Family, in honor of Mary S Dawson
Bryan Scrivner
Ellie and Jon Totz
Sara and Dayton Voorhees
Kate Martin Williams

Tonnie Beck
Bernice Joy Blumenreich
Mark Dostert
Cathy Coers Frank
Francesca Fuchs
Lauren Gray, in honor of Mary S Dawson
Mary Marks Guillory
Dorcas Hand
Justin Lee
Alice McCarthy
Paulette Norman
Susan Snider Osterberg
Juan R. Palomo
Neal Sarkar
Marsha and Lionel Schooler
Sandi Stromberg and William Turner
Madison Woodward

To see a list of our generous 2021-2022 Annual Fund Donors, click here.

Other ways to help

Attend the Inprint Poets & Writers Ball: Help sustain Houston’s vibrant literary arts scene by attending Inprint’s annual fundraising gala. The 2023 Inprint Poets & Writers Ball takes place on Saturday, February 4, at the River Oaks Country Club and is chaired by Michelle and Rishi Varma. For underwriting opportunities and more information, click here.

Participate in the Randall’s Good Neighbor Program: For every purchase you make at Randalls, Inprint will receive a donation equivalent to 1% of your total purchase at no additional cost to you. Stop by the service desk at any Randalls store and have your Randalls Remarkable Card linked to account #1915.

Make your gift to Inprint twice as nice

Many companies will match charitable donations made by their employees. To participate, stop by your Human Resources Department for a matching gifts form and send it in along with your gift. Thank you for making your gift twice as nice!

Air Liquide America Corp.
American General American International Group Inc.
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Apache Corporation
Bank of America Corporation
Bechtel Group, Inc.
BHP Billiton Petroleum
BMC Industries, Inc.
Cabot Oil and Gas Corp.
Charles Schwab
Chevron/Texaco Citicorp/
Coca-Cola Company
Cooper Industries, Inc.
Duke Energy Corporation

Dynegy, Inc.
El Paso Energy Foundation
Entergy Power Group
EOG Resources
First Interstate Bank of Texas
FMC Foundation
Home Depot
Houston Endowment, Inc.
IKON Office Solutions
J. P. Morgan Chase
Johnson Controls Inc.
Kellogg Brown & Root/Halliburton
Landmark Graphics

Marathon Oil Co.
Marsh and McLenn Companies
May Department Stores Co.
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc.
Northern Trust Bank of Texas
Nuevo Energy Company
PriceWaterhouseCoopers Foundation
Royal Bank of Scotland
SBC Foundation
Shell Oil Companies
Standard Oil Co.
State Farm Companies Fdtn.
United Parcel Service
Washington Mutual Foundation
Wells Fargo & Co.