The Inprint Poetry Buskers spread the joy of poetry by writing poems on demand at festivals and events throughout the city. These talented poets, using typewriters and their quick wit, write personalized poems for people based on the themes they request. The buskers write in both English and Spanish, and are mostly graduate students from the prestigious University of Houston Creative Writing Program. The poems are given away free of charge and people love taking home a poem written just for them. For many, interacting with the buskers makes poetry feel relevant and accessible for the very first time.

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Poem by an Inprint Poetry Busker

by Conor Bracken


It’s invisible
When you got it it’s got you
a tender smile in its velvet jaws.
You wear it when you want
to not be you but “You!”
It’s the dress that you take off at night
to remember how it feels
to be seen.

Past Events

Bring the Inprint Poetry Buskers to your community

In 2022, the Inprint Poetry Buskers wrote poems on demand at more than 15 festivals and events across Houston. If you would like to bring the Inprint Poetry Buskers to your community, contact Inprint Program Manager Amanda Ortiz at with the date, time, and event description.